Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I went down to spend a couple of days with Mummie, and today we went to see some of the Pride of Bournemouth, a collection of 50 lions spread out over the town sponsored by individuals, companies, organisations and schools and decorated by artists, like the elephants in London last summer, and the cows in New York. They'll be auctioned next month by Martin Clunes, with the proceeds going to Julia House hospice and the Born Free foundation. Here are some of my favourites.

                     Winston, in the entrance to Beales, with quotations from Mr Churchill on his back.

                                                     Firestar, in the Gardens. He was all mosaic.

                                                          Fireworks, in Old Christchurch Rd

                                                        Oscar, outside the Royal Bath hotel

O ye beasts of Fowl, in the garden of the Russell-Cotes museum.

We took a turn around the gardens before going in to the museum, and then having lunch in the cafe.

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  1. Lovely Lions, when I was in China last year there were loads of cows too in the airport will put one on my blog, nice to see mum in pictures, I like the leafy archway x


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