Friday, 16 May 2014

Blog Chat - tell us what your fave blogging experiences have been

I set up my blog as a photo-journal, to document what have done, seen, made, found etc. Just to put things somewhere, really, rather than languishing on my camera card being forgotten. The sort of things I like to see on other people's blogs, too. Such as these oven dried tomatoes.


  1. I started my blog for similar reasons. I particularly wanted to be able to show what I've made, talk about it, 'meet' others who have the same interests, share ideas, etc...And on that note, I love your oven dried tomatoes. They're great with salads and sandwiches. I'll tell my husband we should have a jar full of them ready to eat like you do. x

  2. ♥ I started my blog for similar reasons... :)

  3. My favorite blogging moment is easy - it was when everyone rallied around to support my fundraising to fight leukemia and lymphoma and give me moral support as I ran a half-marathon and lived through my husband's illness. The blogging community touched my heart in those moments.
    My second - more mundane- is hosting the photography scavenger hunt each summer!


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