Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Five Favourite Posts

Apologies for the delay posting and glut of posts over the next couple of days. We were in Wiltshire for the long weekend without television, internet or technology, which was blissful, but put paid to my blogging every day in May.

For this post, we are asked to pick out five favourite posts from our blog, I'll choose one from each year. Tough choice, but here goes:

An early one, from November 2010:

Teddy Axtell goes to school

It was "Bring your teddy to school day" last Friday, so Teddy Axtell came to school with me, and was by far the most mature student.  He was kept busy in my classroom entertaining the children with his musical skills. We raised about £500 for Children in Need, which was a great effort.

Bravo, Teddy! Your musical skills were much appreciated!

A creative one, from August 2011:

Cool Britannia
I've been collecting red. white and blue fabrics from various sources, mostly given to me, or liberated from its fate as landfill.

So today this:


became this!

In celebration of my favourite colour, from April 2012:

In the Pink

Of course, I adore pink, and the wonderful  Radio Days on Lower Marsh, on the way to Waterloo Station, (wherein I only trust myself to window-shop, for obvious reasons!) has the most gorgeous dolly pink window display! Check out the bath skirt and the pink telephone! The ultimate in glamorous pampering!

This one of something I love doing to preserve the summer for the colder weather from August 2013:

Hope you like jamming too!

Making the most of a glut of soft fruits in the greengrocers, I had a good jam session!



Nectarine and blueberry

Some as gifts, some for us when the weather is chilly, for a memory of this hot summer.

I am off for an Antipodean adventure to visit my sister and family - see you in a couple of weeks!

And a 'lucky finds' one from this January:

More lucky finds

Back at school a week now, so I am a bit behind on the blogging front, both active and passive, but time to catch up this evening. I took my Urban Scholars to a Study Day at Brunel University on Saturday and whilst they were hard at work on a Forensic Science Murder Mystery Challenge I snuck into Uxbridge to have a look at what treats the charity shops had to offer. I wasn't disappointed!

This rather lovely sugar bowl with gilding will complement some other gold trimmed cups, saucers and plates I already have. Bargain at £1.50!

And this great old-school satchel! I have been looking for one for ages without the £50+ price tag! £9.99!
Thankyou, Oxfam!

I hope you enjoyed my selection!


  1. Really lovely to read posts that I missed the first time around. I really like this idea actually, it's a great way to give newer readers a chance to read some of your favourite previous posts, I think I might do something like this myself!

  2. The last post you chose was I think the first one I read when I started following your blog. I loved your leather satchel the first time round and I still do. It's also lovely to read your other posts that I've missed. I'm actually impressed thAt you've been blogging for four years!?! Wow! Long may it continue. x


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