Friday, 23 May 2014

Day in the Life - take a photo every hour on the hour

A school day, so a usual day in my life

7am, apple puree, yoghurt (homemade) and granola. Fairly typical.

8am, on the Piccadilly line, just coming up to Hammersmith

9am, working on some admin

10am, writing some reports.

11am, on my way to class

12 noon, in my office before my next class

1pm, on my way to class after lunch

2pm, in class

3pm, on my way to register my form

4pm, making some earrings and a kilt-pin brooch for Breda from a bracelet to match another bracelet and necklace she bought from the British Museum, amethyst and golden pearls.

5pm, at Lambeth North tube station. 

6pm, walking home from the station, passing these gorgeous rhododendrons!

7pm, making nectarine, apricot and mango jam, stage 1

8pm, stage 2

9pm, stage 3

10 pm, peppermint tea

11pm, shower

in bed before midnight (fairly untypical!)


  1. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your 'typical day' and well done for remembering to take a photo every hour. Love all the pink things on your office desk. x

  2. Thank you for sharing your typical is so nice to see how you spend your day. Love your little office space. Happy new week to you.

  3. I've done week in the life and photo a day for month,but never day in the life. Might think on that one . . .

  4. Wow you packed a bunch into your day !
    You must be super fit climbing those stairs every day so many times. To top it off you make preserves of a night……..I'm exhausted for you just reading it ! haha
    Clever you ! xxxxx


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