Saturday, 10 May 2014

Local History Month - talk about your local area

Hounslow is near to Heathrow, and although close, we are circled by planes rather than have them directly overhead. We have Hounslow Heath on our doorstep, once frequented by the dastardly Dick Turpin, and now 200 acres of Nature Reserve. The Great West Road was the main route out to Bath, along Roman roads and Ley-lines.

We also have a barracks, now for the Welsh Guards, established in the 1790s when the threat of a French invasion was imminent.

We also have a fine hexagaonal Art Deco tube station, built in 1931, designed by the architects Stanley Heaps and Charles Holden, with a wooden panelled ticket office by Basil Ionides. It still has all the original tiling as well. It was the end of Piccadilly Line until the early 1970s, when the line was extended out to the airport.

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