Thursday, 8 May 2014

Weekend Morning Routine

My weekend morning routine depends on where we are. If we're at home in London on a Saturday, it's the daily smoothie first thing, then a leisurely breakfast watching James Martin's Saturday Kitchen. Then plan for the day, a quick visit to the charity shop treasurehunting, a rehearsal for a concert that evening, into town for a museum, gallery, mooch about.

Sunday, smoothie, then church, then a late breakfast. Enjoy the Grand Prix if it's a race day, hoping that the McLarens do well, or a little blogging, knitting, stitching or card making. I try not to do any school work at the weekend, but at exam or report time I sometimes have to break this rule.

If we are in our little house in the West Country, as we were this weekend it's up early to attack the garden! We are clearing the undergrowth of brambles as much as we can, so we can see what we have. Apple trees, berries, many trees, rhododendrons, camelias, honeysuckle, primroses, bluebells........ 200 metres of it! And the last section is woodland where deer roam! It feels like a fairytale place.

About a third of the way down .......

Still a long way to go, but we feel we have made a god start; at least we don't have to fight our way through the thorns.


  1. I'm also a fan of a smoothie to start the day! Your garden really is like a fairytale, so much to explore, it must be lovely to uncover brambles to find yet more floral delights hiding beneath and how lovely to have deer roaming!

  2. ♥ ooo, love this house and garden! ♥Happy you♥

  3. Your house and garden in the country sound delightful. Your so lucky! I also like your leiseurely weekend mornings-I'd love to have one of those, even just for one morning! x


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