Friday, 15 November 2013

15. Favourite Folk

I am lucky to have lots of Favourite Folk, my family and friends who make my world happy. Also, I love my job, and the children I teach brighten my day too.

Just a few of my favourite people .........

Sean; Champagne afternoon tea at the Brooklands hotel for my birthday.

Mummie at the Bournemouth Echo Tea Lounge for Mothering Sunday

Mummie, Pippa, Milli, Emerson, Kenya at the Blue Mountains.

Kenya and Milli in their cubby house.

Susan and Poppy

Afternoon tea with Sam at the Checkmate Bar for her birthday.

 Cristina, Deirdra, Sue, Me, Kat and Mairead taking afternoon tea at Drink, Eat, Do at Kings Cross.

Shani and Anthony in Hythe

Paul in the Gallery queue for a Prom at the Royal Albert Hall.

Hello to others I don't have pictures of; Helen, Nick, Sue, Suzanne, Jocelyn, Teresa, Breda, Helen & Paul, Krzysia, Gabrielle. Thanks for your friendship!

It was 'Bring your teddy to school' day for Children in Need today. Teddy Axtell made his annual appearance.

Here he is in the Library learning Danish; he enjoys a linguistic challenge.

Checking his emails on my iPad.

7F all brought their teddies too. We raised about £500 as a school.
Halfway through the challenge to blog every day this month.


  1. Looks like you have a great group of people to love and who love you. :)

  2. Congratulations on reaching the half way point of your blog challenge! A very lovely post, with plenty of lovely looking afternoon teas!


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