Thursday, 7 November 2013

7.10 Things

Today's blog is all about making lists, which leads me to tell you about Ten Things I Like, with some double-entries.

1. Hearts. This lovely patriotic one is a lavender bag, from Cornflowers in Winchester

2. Monkeys. I'm very fond of monkeys; if I were an animal I would be one; you could get away with anything, as the stock response would be "Aah, look at the naughty monkey - how sweet!!" 

3. Birds. I love birds, real and pretend. This was from the Mind Charity shop in Christchurch. Nice sentiment too.

4. Tea. 5. Charity shop finds. Beautiful bone china cup, saucer and plate trio from Naomi House Charity shop in Winchester. 

6. Bags. 7. Cath Kidston. This lovely bag celebrates the great British holiday resorts. It has been halfway round the world with me this summer!
8. Flower corsages. I love making these, for my hair or as a brooch. I wear at least one every day.
9. Shoes. 10. Pink. And flowers too, for good measure!
What would be your list of 10 things you really like?


  1. ♥ love all your nice things, too!♥♥

  2. Love your list are at the top of mine too.....and PINK! Happy weekend to you...enjoy it!

  3. Pretty shoes! I think shoes would be close to the top of my list.
    Also dogs, horses, raspberries, requiems, wool fabric, glass Christmas tree decorations, autumn, cream cakes and blue skies.
    Motley list & I daresay it would change if you asked me in a month or two. xx


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