Friday, 29 November 2013

29. All I want for Christmas

Gosh, I can't think of  anything I desperately want or need. I always love anything I receive, as the giver has put such thought and consideration into the choice of gift. My girls at school present me with chocs or stationery or things for the bath - always gratefully received and shared (choc) and used enthusiastically (bath things and stationery). Of course anything musical, crafty or a book is always a bonus! My family get me lovely quirky presents, and if it's handmade then I am doubly excited!

I enjoy excellent health, as luckily do those I love, so I would wish that that continues.

I made a felted bauble at one of Jane's fab Craft Nights ( yesterday, of which I am most proud! I will show you on another post, but on the way home, I saw this sign, which raised a smile!

What do you want for Christmas?


  1. I want a fitbit for Christmas! I'm also thinking about asking for a gelli plate. Plus I ordered a new Christmas stamp set and some cute little birdhouse charm kits.


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