Thursday, 28 November 2013

27. 'Yes' moments

As a teacher, I have Yes! moments when my pupils achieve something fantastic, and not just in the classroom. Twelve of our Year 8 girls are in a production of Emil and the Detectives at the National theatre, in the children's chorus; with three casts, all named after fictional detectives, (Sherlock) Holmes, ( Nancy) Drew and (Jane) Marple. Last night Sam, Angela and I went to see the show with Emem, Katherine, Britney and Melanie's cast. I am so proud of them! They are juggling school, rehearsals and performances, and managing to do it all brilliantly! Well done, girls.

I read Erich Kästner's book at Junior school, and more recently when I came across it in the school Library. Great adventure story! It's a wonderful production, working on many levels for both adults and children, and the fact that there are so many talented children with major parts makes it really appealing. Think a Junior Tin-Tin set in pre-war Berlin. Do go and see it if you are in London and are looking for a Christmas treat. It's on in the Olivier Theatre on the South Bank until March.

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