Saturday, 16 November 2013

16. Hobbies

I have lots of hobbies; I like to live a full life! My job keeps me busy most of the time, but I enjoy many other things.
Being a Music teacher means I sing and play all day with the children but I also love to play my violin and piano and sing in my downtime, as well as go to concerts where I am the listener rather than the performer for a change.

Meet Henry, my violin, which was left to me when I was ten;  an English 'Hill' pattern, made before 1820. Apart from that, I don't know much about him.

I love crafty pastimes too. Mostly sewing, knitting and simple crochet and jewellery making. I make cards for special people a well, but never get round to photographing them!

My 'Wedding Guest' dress, from 'Little Chelsea' fabric.

Lavender bag

Crochet flowers and Suffolk puffs, which were made to decorate a cushion cover
We made fascinators at Lorna's Hen weekend, to wear on her Big Day! (with the 'Wedding Guest' dress!)

Thursday Craft club at school, which Susan and I run. Here's Gabrielle making a Christmas cracker.
 I can't resist a Charity shop. It's the first place I check out when I visit a new place. Things for the home and skirts.

Pretty treasures picked up for small prices.
Other people's languages fascinate me. I learnt French and German at school, and as an adult have learnt Spanish and a little Japanese and Mandarin, but I love learning Polish because it is a real challenge. I love the country, as well. I get lots of practice speaking with the Polish girls at school, but I prefer writing, as I have more time to think about declensions, irregularities and agreements!

I go to Lille by Eurostar as often as I can, to keep my spoken French up to speed.

 I have dabbled with candle making, thanks to a huge collection of wax, moulds and wicks from Freecycle; and I hope to do more, and experiment with colour and scent. I'd like to do some more soap making as well.
Sean loves cherry cake, I love baking, so good reasons to make lots of them! With a nice cup of Earl Grey, in a cup and saucer found on a Charity shop visit.
Remembering the summer with preserves and fruit vodkas.



And I almost forgot! Writing this blog, and reading my favourites.

 So, that's how I spend my spare time!


  1. Amazing number of hobbies - & done well too. I am very impressed that you go to Lille regularly to keep up your spoken French.It's a good idea.


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