Tuesday, 19 November 2013

19. Newsflash

Saddened by the typhoon, hurricane, cyclone and volcano disasters, I was looking for something to cheer my heart. Reading the paper this morning,  I smiled to see that Sophie, Countess of Wessex (Prince Edward's wife) hosted a party to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who last night. Happy memories of hiding behind a cushion to avoid looking at the monsters which seemed always to appear from a stony Cornish beach. That was in the Jon Pertwee days, my favourite Dr Who, although I do rate David Tennant and Matt Smith as his latest regenerations.

I found this Dalek in a charity shop about 5 years ago.
Incidentally, I met the Countess when I took some children to a concert at Buckingham Palace about 9 years ago. She is such a pleasant and down-to-earth Royal; we had a lovely talk about her learning to play the piano as she had just started having lessons alongside her children, and she was charming with the girls, chatting with them too.


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