Sunday, 24 November 2013

23. Date night

I signed up for Groupon and Amazon Local to take advantage of their special offers. So far, I have learnt Chinese, made jewellery, bought some vintage clothes, had afternoon tea, got discounts on vouchers for Starbucks and M&S, got some luggage, and some other small treats.
As well, Sean and I have celebrated special occasions with weekends away. For my birthday last year, we went to the Brooklands Hotel, for our Anniversary, a few days in Snowdonia, and for Sean's birthday, Reading Lake Hotel. For our tenth Anniversary we are going to a hotel in the Cotswolds.

So, my ideal date would be a weekend away to celebrate our birthdays or Anniversary, in a pretty part of the UK, with good walking close by, camera in hand, and some little shops to buy some souvenirs. After exploring, we would have afternoon tea, and later dinner in the hotel. A nice change from cooking, and the chance to be away from work and everyday life.

Tea at Brooklands
Wild waterfalls in Wales

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